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These therapeutic treatments combine advance techniques, expert advice and the Dermalogica skin care system. Each service is custom designed after a detailed consultation & face mapping to ensure maximum benefits, optimum skin health complete relaxation and tips on how to care for your skin at home.

Regular facial treatment and facial massage boosts cell regeneration and promote collagen development. This helps rejuvenate the skin and it increases your skins ability to absorb products effectively. With these benefits, facial improves the appearance of the skin, giving it a healthy, youthful, radiant glow and balanced complexion.

(Double Cleansing, Exfoliation, Extraction (as needed), Neck, Shoulder & Face Massage, Mask, Serum, Eyecare, Moisturiser & SFP are included as part of every 60 min treatment).

What are extractions?

Extraction technique is the most efficient way to remove comedones, blackheads and whiteheads from the skin without further impacting the health of the skin and without spreading acne or breakout causing bacteria. The use of scaling fluid and post-extraction solution will further assist in the removal and ultimate recovery from extractions.

Dermalogica Face Treatments

Mini Facial - 30 min

390, -

Mini facial is an effective Dermalogica treatment that is targeted at a specific zone or skin problem.
• Double cleansing / face mapping
• Exfoliation
• Mask by skin type
• Eyecare, moisturiser & SPF

Prescriptive Facial - 60 min

580, -

This is an individual customized 60 minute facial treatment that targets your skin problem and your skin’s needs, giving optimum skin health.

AGE-Smart Facial - 75 min

630, -

This treatment is ideal for premature aging, dry and sun damage. Every step delivers potent, skin-repairing vitamins to help repair damaged skin while alleviating its symptoms

Dermalogica Exclusive Facial - 90 min

750, -

To relax you into your treatment we start with 15 min back massage followed by facial treatment tailored to your skin’s needs.

Teen Facial - 60 min

425, -

This facial is perfect for boys and girls. We incorporate a double cleanse with steam, exfoliating, tone and moisturise. It will help clear the skin, extract any comedones, give a healthy complexion and natural glow.